American Standards Lamp美国标准灯


American Standards Lamp

For better or worse, construction materials, methods, and dimensions are quite homogenized in the United States. From the 2×4 wall studs to the cheap light switches, it seems that when building a wall, location is really the only decision left to make. The utilitarian relationship between these standard materials, dimensions, and parts comes together to create a modern icon that is hidden in plain sight. By deriving its character directly from this set of rules, the American Standards Lamp’s is instantly familiar and intuitive to use (for people living among these standards). Flipping on the American Standards Lamp is as routine as unlocking the door. The lamp creates diffused light and provides an accessible extra power outlet.

Open to manufacturing and distribution partnership offers for the American Standards Lamp.

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设计师 Maxim Maximov 设计了一款吸管式的台灯,跟平常我们喝饮品用的吸管有相同之处,就是它的“颈部”被设计还是可以进行活动的,针对自己所需的光线,进行友好的调整。

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