gidgegannup 居住设计


'gidgegannup residence' by iredale pedersen hook architects in gidgegannup, western australia all images courtesy iredale pedersen hook architects photographers: patrick bingham hall and andrew pritchard
'gidgegannup residence' by perth and melbourne-based practice iredale pedersen hook architects is a v-shaped private dwelling in a semi-rural town of western australia. consisting of two distinct wings, the design 'floats' above the ground, seeking to minimize its manipulation of the natural land and its topography.

exterior view

situated on a large plot with a substantial body of mature trees, the house engages with the landscape with considerations to both the immediate and distant site. the orientation ensures that a number of the landscape's qualities - lake, greenery, vegetation - are experienced in the approach and internal experience.
the residence beings 30 cm above grade and rises to a height of 5.5m, ending with a cantilevering balcony that touches a mature grown tree. the result is a sense of 'living among the trees', which the clients had desired.

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        另一种野餐桌的设计由wouter nieuwendijk 和air straschnow合作项目。户外家具的设计,试图解决两种餐桌功能替补的结合,这些桌椅可以反转向上从而形成可靠背的靠椅。靠版放下时又可形成与餐桌互补的另一种形式。

a design collaboration between designed by wouter nieuwendijk and jair straschnow, 'another picnic table' is a variation on the iconic outdoor furniture object that tries to tackle two issues. first, nieuwendijk and straschnow's version splits the bench into separate seats which results in a more comfortable arrangement. at the same time, these seats can be flipped upwards to provide an alternative, more relaxed low seating position when one does not require the use of the picnic table, giving the picnic table a new typology. the design is constructed from pressed bamboo.


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