The personal fitness market has seen strong growth in the last decade with fitness centres expanding across Scandinavia. Established chains are adding more services, which is reflected in increasing prices. Our client identified an alternative opportunity and approached Mission to help them bring it to life.

A new concept was developed with smaller centres, located in urban neighbourhoods offering excellent training at a fraction of the price. The concept needed a new identity that differentiated the brand as something easier. Mission named the brand “Evo”, signalling the personal development of the individual and a change within the industry.
The brand identity reflected the simplicity in the offer without sacrificing the quality. Colour, language and materials combined to give a modern and welcoming sport experience.

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Designed by FeedbackMP | Country: Spain
“New wine packaging design by FeedbackMP Barcelona for Celistia wine from Costers del Sió winery located in Lleida, Spain (Appellation of Origin: Costers del Segre).
Inspired by the subtle and delicate clarity of the stars that can only be viewed after a short while in the dark, Celestia presents with a curious name and original design that helps to highlight the bottle on the shelf of wine shops and make it memorable and remarkable in restaurants, natural habitats of these wines.
The label design is even more surprising when night falls and the label dark due to the use of luminescent ink.”


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每年五月在LUCKYRICE主办一次的烹饪激动周让我们垂涎欲。 2011年艺术节的图形被带到华的纽约。32页节指南封面是印有烫金, 内陆则印在露齿白色纸张对比鲜明的白色精美的封面。

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