gidgegannup 居住设计


'gidgegannup residence' by iredale pedersen hook architects in gidgegannup, western australia all images courtesy iredale pedersen hook architects photographers: patrick bingham hall and andrew pritchard
'gidgegannup residence' by perth and melbourne-based practice iredale pedersen hook architects is a v-shaped private dwelling in a semi-rural town of western australia. consisting of two distinct wings, the design 'floats' above the ground, seeking to minimize its manipulation of the natural land and its topography.

exterior view

situated on a large plot with a substantial body of mature trees, the house engages with the landscape with considerations to both the immediate and distant site. the orientation ensures that a number of the landscape's qualities - lake, greenery, vegetation - are experienced in the approach and internal experience.
the residence beings 30 cm above grade and rises to a height of 5.5m, ending with a cantilevering balcony that touches a mature grown tree. the result is a sense of 'living among the trees', which the clients had desired.

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Concrete House II by A-cero in Madri马德里-混泥土大厦2期建设

在马德里,建筑大师A-cero应该是富人们都得巴结的人,因为要想把巨资消费出去,找他来打造私宅就一定不会错了。耗时20个月的Concrete House II去年6月份竣工,最大的亮点就是它隐藏在一个可以种植的斜坡里面,当然节能环保的太阳能是一定不能少了,住宅斜坡的一侧利用灰色的混凝土和大片绿色植物产生鲜明的视觉冲击力,一直延伸至屋顶的绿色植物能够采集西班牙猛烈的阳光,从而给室内提供良好的温度环境,同时屋顶上的分流水渠还解决了雨天屋顶积水的问题。为了配合住宅的主题,室内装修也尽量采用倾斜的棱角设计,除了卧室客厅等,它还配备了一个室内泳池。

This modern Concrete House II is a single family house was designed by Spain based architecture studioA-Cero Architects. This house sited in the outskirts of Madrid on a 5000m2 plots. The house´s façade show a spectacular organic view of the whole house and so even the hard concrete shows its most kind face. The back front of the house is totally opened towards the garden where the lounge, dining room, library, study and bedrooms are. The ecological aspect is very in this A-cero´s work: the façade and the roof have the main ecological roles because they are covered with low consume vegetation. Furthermore on the house´s roof has been implemented a renewable energy system made of wide surfaces with solar tubular collectors who allow that the energy autonomy of the house. – A-Cero Architects

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