第一眼看到这套餐具是时候会联想到松软的面包或者饼干,但事实上,它可以像陶或瓷器一样坚硬。这套“grow”stone tableware是由Laura Lynn JansenThomas Vailly设计的,它的设计灵感来源于自然形成的石笋和钟乳石。采用3D打印技术制成富含碳酸钙的骨架,经过时间的推移,它的结构会强化和增厚,最后形成一个类似于瓷器的产品。这套餐具对新材质的探索过程非常有趣,因为你不知道自然的力量会给你带来什么样的惊喜。

At the first sight of this set of stone tableware, we often associate it with the soft bread or biscuit,but actually it can be as hard as the pottery or the porcelain. This set of“grow” stone tableware is designed by Laura Lynn Jansen and Thomas Vailly,the inspiration comes from naturally-formed stalagmites and stalactites. As time goes by, the structure of the skeleton rich in calcium carbonate by the application of a nylon 3D-printed technology is getting  stronger and thicker,then finally forms a product similar to porcelain. This set of tableware to the process of exploring the new material is intriguing,because you don't know what kind of surprise the natural power will bring you.(It looks “crispy”,in fact,it is as hard as the terracotta or porcelain,the inspiration originates from stalagmites and stalactites.


Stoneware before petrification


Stoneware petrified for 45 days



Stoneware close up - 45 days

Stoneware petrified for 92 days


Stoneware close up - 92 days