Jaime Hayon因他那套著名的浴室系列AQHayon声名鹊起,这款椅子取名为“RO”也是他非常棒的一个设计,“RO”在丹麦是指宁静的意思。从取名就可以看出设计师设计这把椅子的用意,他希望使用者在繁忙的生活中能够在这把椅子上坐下来,享受哪怕只有片刻的宁静时光。椅子的造型设计非常简单,同时又具有趣味性,能够有效的抓住受众的注意力。椅子的设计把人体工程学与优雅的外形很好的结合在了一起,不同的颜色,不同的材质就像不同的心情,非常优雅而有趣的设计。

Jaime Hayon gained his more reputation for his famous bathroom series AQHayon, this chair called “RO” is also one
of his good design,“RO” in Danish also means “tranquillity ”. We can know his purpose of designing this chair
from the name,he hopes that users can sit down and have a rest on this chair between busy life, then enjoy a moment
of tranquillity,even if a slightest moment.The shape of chair is that simple and interesting,and can catch efficiently audiences’attention. The chair design combines human engineering with elegant shape, diverse color and material are just like various mood, it’s very elegant and funny.





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